Yesterday, a tornado touched down at DIA near the police K-9 facility and a funnel cloud was subsequently observed over the east side of the terminal. Denver Police Officers from Detail Two, Detail Three, Curb, Traffic, and CRO sprang into action with other airport employees and did a tremendous job in safely guiding thousands of passengers into designated shelters. Cars, buses, taxis and shuttles were abandoned in place on the ramps and roadways approaching the terminal and in-bound Pena Boulevard was closed at I-70.

We want to acknowledge and thank every officer involved in this event for their professionalism and bravery. Many officers rushed outside to aid frightened passengers and motorists get to safety, ignoring the audible alarms and announcements to shelter immediately.

Calm demeanor and teamwork was highly visible and helped to reassure the travelling public. We are fortunate that there were no injuries or property damage. After the alert was cancelled, officers continued to contribute to the rapid restoration of normal operations and overall successful event management.

The attached a photo was taken by an unknown person during the event.

Well done!


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One Response to TORNADO at DIA

  1. Rebecca King says:

    Great job! Thank you for all you do!

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